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Geoff Pound, a writer and Fujairah blogger who resides in the United Arab Emirates, highlights JRB’s upcoming concert at the Higher College at Fujairah. more

Wherever I May Roam

DAY 27: (Danny) When we landed in Malaysia, we were met by Chew and Nick from the U.S. Embassy and the Kota Kinabalu City Council. They hung welcome beads around our necks and told us how happy they were to have us in their country. They understood how…

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

DAY 25: (Danny) Hospitality, snacks and song are the mainstays of everyday life in The Philippines. Also, Christmas decorations and songs start at the beginning of September and continue through the 6th of January. Easter preparations start soon after,…

Shine On

DAY 27: (Brian) As soon as we drove into Phnom Penh from the airport, it felt like we were far from home – almost no signs of western culture or multinational corporate brands. I didn’t see a McDonald’s, KFC or an Exon sign anywhere. Just local, small …

The Circle of Life

DAY 25: (Danny) In Cambodia, we played two big concerts and conducted a Master Class. Most of our days were quite busy – sometimes 16 hours long. So, on our one free day, we woke up early and left our hotel at 6:00 AM to fly to Ankor Watt to see the gr…

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