Year: 2012

“For ‘Jailhouse Rock’ Roger Wang got on stage! Johnny became The Pelvis, then Joe and Roger pointed their guitars at Johnny in machine-gun fashion, and twanged him full of holes…” – Joanna Funk, SabahSongs Music Blog, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Read Article

On the final night of the fest, we joined thousands of jazz fans from as far away as Spain, China, Chile and Canada to see New York-based Johnny Rodgers Band belt out its own brand of country- and rock-infused jazz. Within minutes, Rodgers had the crowd on its feet,…Read More
Article and photo by travel writer, Kip Patrick, Huffington Post

When we do a cultural tour for the State Dept. or an American Embassy, the schedule is packed full of events and the days are long. So when we are not performing or traveling, we are usually in search of food or rest. We have a saying in the road. Ea…