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“So who, finally, is this talented chameleon? If you fused elements of Billy Joel, Peter Allen and Johnny Mercer, a silhouette begins to emerge.” – Stephen Holden, NEW YORK TIMES

“One terrific performer, and one terrific show.” – Rex Reed, NEW YORK OBSERVER

“There is another side to Mr. Rodgers, the canny pop craftsman, which came through in his heartfelt ballads. “The Best of You in Me” echoes the Celine Dion hit “Because You Loved Me,” and “Sweet Georgia Smile,” is an appealing honeysuckle lullaby of eternal devotion.”
– Stephen Holden, NEW YORK TIMES

“Set Johnny Rodgers near a piano and Pow!, it’s a concert, a vigorous, touching, enthusiastic musical mélange of Americana. From Memphis to St. Jo, with the snap of Chicago, easy Southern charm, New York energy and St. Louis rhythms – there’s that crazy mixed-up American spirit and the multifaceted Johnny Rodgers to deliver it.”
– Elizabeth Ahlfors, BISTRO

New York Observer “This quintessential all-American boy exudes youth, optimism and vitamin C. He is also a tremendously talented jazz-pop musician who vaults from classics with the ease of a trapeze artist, pulling notes out of the ozone and making them sound newly discovered. He calls his show “What a Wonderful World” and proceeds to prove it, with a feel-good selection of take-home tunes guaranteed to pep up the most dyspeptic cynic.”

“He’s a sextuple threat! Singer, songwriter, folk, pop, country, jazz man. And if that’s not enough, let’s add brilliant pianist.” – Sandi Durell, BROADWAY AFTER DARK

“Blessed with an impeccably smooth voice and a naturally charming personality, Johnny is also a very talented pianist, songwriter, and interpreter of lyrics.
– Jenna Esposito, BROADWAY WORLD.com

“A combination of Elton John, Billy Joel and James Taylor all rolled into one.”

“Johnny sings, he plays, he looks like a hip cherub, he scintillates here as front man… This guy is so talented, you have to catch your breath, although he never does.”

“A first-rate singer-songwriter, bursting with robust vocals and exuberant pianism.”

“What does Rodgers do? He sings. He plays the piano. He plays the guitar. He writes songs. He arranges them. He conducts the band. He jokes with the audience. He scintillates at every single endeavor and still manages to look abashed. Why, the guy even dances….” – David Finkle, BACKSTAGE

“…a finger-popping pianist and a terrific singer with range and style…”
– Rex Reed, The New York Observer

“Mr. Rodgers creamy voice is very Tormé-like”
– Stephen Holden, NEW YORK TIMES

“There was Feinstein. There was Connick. And now…heeeeere’s Johnny!”
– John Hoglund, BACKSTAGE

“Johnny navigates his way through well-loved standards, beautifully crafted original songs, and classic pop/rock with a twinkle in his eye and a silky-smooth voice that sounds fantastic on everything, no matter what the style!” – Jenna Esposito, BroadwayWorld.com

“This man is so talented, he sings his butt off!”
– Liza Minnelli

“One of the most delightful musical evenings of the season.” – Peter Haas, Cabaret Scenes

“Johnny Rodgers, who’s such a walking cornucopia of talent that you stare at him (he’s cute as Kevin Costner in his heyday) in near disbelief and wonder if there’s anything he can’t do.”
– David Finkle, BACKSTAGE

“Johnny is the Cole Porter of his generation.”
– Joey Reynolds, WOR radio
“…A first-rate singer-songwriter…robust vocals and exuberant pianism.”
– Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

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We were lucky enough to steal a few minutes from Johnny’s busy schedule to ask him a few questions about the upcoming performance with The Absinthe Cabaret and his career with performing.
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