Independence Day

Danny; Moscow, 7/4/13
Here we are pictured with the US Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul after he had joined us on stage to sing Otis Redding’s sitting by the Dock of the Bay. He told us that he had grown up around music because his Dad was a working musician in Montana. The Ambassador told us the we were the real ambassadors and that it gives the world an opportunity to hear and meet Americans in person.
We have been lucky to play at a few US Embassy parties around the world; Thanksgiving at the Manilla embassy, the Ambassadors residence In Papua New Guinea, an Embassy party in Bahrain, the Ambassadors residence in Fiji and an event for the Officers at the military instillation in Djibouti East Africa.
Celebrating the 4th of July with the US Embassy and thousands of guests in Moscow was an amazing experience. They really went all out on the decorations and all things Americana.

The residence compound was filled with guests and dignitaries from the US, Moscow and around the world. it was quite a sight to see US, Russian and other international top brass enjoying the festivities and food together. It was also fun to speak to other Americans from all over the States, that were here in Russia working in the Foreign Service.
There was a nice ceremony of the Marine Color Guard and a top notch Russian Chorus that performed the American and then Russian National Anthems. The US Ambassador gave a speech to the crowd in Russian. He is a Russian Scholar and is a political appointee from the academic sector.

The crowed enjoyed the mix of American music and food throughout the afternoon. It was definitely one of the more patriotic 4th of July’s I had ever attended. Here are some more sights from the day;

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