It Might Get Loud

Danny; Kaluga Russia, 6/6/13
Last night we played an outdoor concert in Kaluga Russia called Summer Jam. It’s part of an international guitar festival run by our host Oleg Akimov here in Kaluga

It was an all day event that featured performances by local bands, a Russian Blues singer, a great guitar violin duo called Two Siberians and our band to close the show. I’ve often found that outdoor festivals have a few things in common and one of those commonalities is volume. My ears are ringing today as must be the whole crowd. Combine a guitar festival and an outdoor festival and well, you get the idea;)

We played for about an hour and after the first few tunes, it turned into a dance party. Johnny really knows how to get the crowd going and what songs to call to keep it going. He really takes the temperature of the crowd especially since he jumped off the stage and spent most of the time singing and dancing with the audience. These evening shows are even better because the sun stays up past 10.

I took a walk around the area while we were waiting to play.

After the show, our hosts took us to a great Rock & Roll bar in the area where we were treated to some great food and music. They had a very interesting bathroom dedicated to drumming;)

The next morning, they took u to the Russian Space Museum and it is just amazing to see everything from Sputnik to the current spaceships that go to the international space station.

There has been so much cooperation between the US and Russian space agency’s over the years and I have read of many great friendships that were formed between the astronauts. Because they have the amazing opportunity to see the Earth from space, I’m sure they gain great insight and a realization that we are all of one planet, one living organism hurling through the black void of space united by life.

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  1. Why is the sun out until 10pm? Does it rise later in the morning than it does here?

    Is it just me or does everything seem bigger (more grandiose) than in the states (sans Texas)?

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