Magical Mystery Tour

Danny; Moscow, 6/9/13
This afternoon we played our final concert at the Preodoleniye rehabilitation center for spinal cord injury, the name means overcoming.
This is the first and only spinal cord injury recovery center in Russia of this type. The patients spend anywhere from 1-2 months here after an accident, recovering from a range if spinal injuries. Most of the patients that are here will never walk again and the center specializes in overcoming a range of debilitating injuries. They have acupuncture, massage, magnetics therapy and a solarium that is a green space for healing.

The patients gathered in the main hallway where we set up to play an intimate concert.

Off all the concerts we played in Russia, this was one if the most rewarding and emotional. These patients experience a range of emotion and often experience deep
depression after their injuries. Art and music provide positive energy
and healing vibes to all
including ourselves. It’s such a joy to see the smiles on the patients faces an get them involved in the music.

After the concert the director presented us with a few gifts and a certificate of appreciation for playing at the center.

We were able to spend some of the with the patients signing autographs and posters.

It’s hard to believe we are done with this tour, we have so many people to thank. I hope to do a wrap up of the tour on the way home and thank everyone for their support. Here is a pic of us with our fearless leader Masha after today’s final concert. She is the Cultural Affairs Coordinator with US Embassy in Moscow and acts as road manager, tour organizer, booker, translator and keeps us safe. We could have not survived with out her cool head, calm reason and sarcastic sense of humor.

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